World Energy Center Renewable Energy Program Success

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World Energy Center Renewable Energy Program Success

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World Energy Center is on track to meet and beat the Obama Administration’s goal of 25 percent of energy being generated by renewable energy sources and add to the creation of hundreds of new jobs in clean energy.

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Washington, DC December 30, 2013

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden called for a new energy plan for America to create new jobs in clean energy development and 25 percent of our electricity coming from this sector by 2025, World Energy Center, (, with its world-class consortium of more than 30 companies, cities, colleges, participants’ partners and affiliates has answered the call says Larry Hales of Hales Global Group, LLC, consultants providing business development services since 2009, (

World Energy Center, strategically located in Southern California, the nerve center for the nation’s leading clean energy corridor, is a large-scale, master planned, fully integrated renewable energy development and industrial center that collaborates with multiple companies on the most technologically advanced renewable energy projects to develop clean energy innovation and create a commercialization Hub to reduce the cost of clean energy and accelerate its worldwide deployment.

World Energy Center aims to create more new jobs and further economic growth says President and COO, Michael Reich, “With billions being spent on new construction projects, long-term manufacturing, engineering, maintenance and management jobs, ancillary growth and service jobs, manpower will be needed for us to succeed. We need to create green job training facilities, educational programs and a number of diversified renewable energy projects will be brought online.”

The World Energy Center and its collaborative group of partners expect to build out more than 5,000 Megawatts of solar, geothermal, wind, natural gas and other clean energy projects over the next 15 years. The Center will position the United States as a leader in low cost renewable energy, create tens of thousands of green jobs and educate the next generation of young Americans keeping pace with President Obama’s goal and Energy Secretary Dr. Moniz’s mandate.

World Energy Center is extremely efficient at Photovoltaic, PV, converting sunlight into electricity. We are building on the development of applicable PV affordable solar renewable clean energy which was born in 1979 and today, “with support from private and public partners, the price of PV systems has fallen in half; however, maintaining such a viable U.S. clean technology industry will require policy makers to advance energy subsidies that will lead to improvements in technology and lower prices.” Ian Campbell, Senior Lobbyist with Manchester Associates (

AFC First’s Green Energy Training Academy Home Performance 101 Online …

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LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa., Dec. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Home Performance 101, an innovative online contractor training course provided by The Green Energy Training Academy, powered by AFC First, has been recognized for Continuing Education Credits by the Building Performance Institute (BPI).  Home Performance 101 was initially developed as part of the award-winning Keystone HELP® contractor training and certification process under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Treasury and Department of Environmental Protection.  Already one of AFC First’s most popular classroom courses, the convenient online version of Home Performance 101 is designed as an introductory overview which educates contractors and other energy efficiency professionals about energy use in the home, the “house as a system” approach to energy conservation and energy efficiency, market forces affecting homeowners, basic building science, state and federal incentives and how to integrate the “house as a system” approach into their business model.

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BPI is the nationally recognized credentialing body for accreditation of contracting companies and individuals involved in home performance energy efficiency contracting.  Strict technical standards mean that BPI certified professionals are in demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs and weatherization assistance programs. Over 130 such programs nationwide specify BPI credentials as a program requirement.  BPI-Certified contractors can enroll in Home Performance 101 and earn valuable continuing education credits (CEUs) toward their next certification renewal, which is required every three years. 

The course, with an affordable tuition of $99, is also an excellent introductory resource for contractors and individuals not currently BPI-Certified.  Contractors engaged in heating and cooling, insulation, renewable energy and other related improvements are seeing greater consumer demand for increased comfort and energy efficiency that is best presented using a more comprehensive “whole house” approach (Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®), rather than a focus on just equipment or single measures. The course is ideal for contractors, business owners, sales people, technicians, auditors, realtors, homeowners and people interested in getting involved in this growing “green” business.

To learn more about the Green Energy Training Academy and Home Performance 101, visit

About Green Energy Training Academy

The Green Energy Training Academy™ serves contractors and individuals who are currently involved in or who hope to become involved with residential energy efficiency improvements.   Green Energy Training Academy™ courses highlight primarily marketing, sales, financial and other “soft” skills that contractors and their employees need to run successful consumer-focused businesses in this expanding market. Courses offered are both online and on-demand. The Green Energy Training Academy™ is brought to you by AFC First Financial Corporation, America’s first private, non-utility sponsor of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program, and a national leader in residential energy efficiency financing and programs and Direct Learning Systems, an accredited national provider of distance learning courses.

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