2014-04-28 Green Energy in China

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Panel discussion:
As we all know, pollution is a major issue here in China–from air, to water and even soil pollution are all at such toxic levels in large swathes of the country that it is long overdue for the government to announce proper plans to develop the green energy sector–like wind farms and nuclear powers. But until the government can make its mind up about some of these SOEs which are also responsible for polluting the country, much more needs to be done.
Some experts don’t believe it’s too late but others fear that green energy is too expensive and will take too long to be implemented for its effects to be felt quickly. Furthermore, just how do you wean profit-driven factory owners off coal and iron ore which are readily available and are much cheaper to use? How will businesses feel about switching to expensive technology which would dent their profits–will the government subsidise that? And just how safe is nuclear power when it was just three years ago that Fukushima became the by-word for the dangers of what could happen when catastrophe strikes?
-Xu Yuan, Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography and Resource Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
-John Coulter, Visiting Professor at China University of Geosciences


Global Talks:
Today we are debating a European military observer being freed in Sloviansk of Ukraine, US President Barack Obama pushing with a trade pact with Malaysia, Palestine seeking positions from international bodies, as well as the South Korean Prime Minister resigning over ship sinking.


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