5 Green Energy Initiatives That Make Bottom-Line Sense

May 1, 2014 by  
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It’s not easy being green, but if done properly, it can be quite lucrative.

Lightbulbs 5 Green Energy Initiatives That Make Bottom Line SenseEnvironmental concerns are becoming an increasingly important priority in the C-suite. More than half of companies in the SP 500 currently provide board level oversight of environmental and/or social issues above and beyond that required by law, according to a new survey released by the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi) this week.

“The sizable percentage of SP 500 companies elevating environmental and social issues to the board level reflects the growing understanding among directors and executives of the financial risks and opportunities of sustainability and to the importance to long-term corporate planning,” said Jon Lukomnik, IRRCi executive director.

Green energy solutions are a big focus because of the powerful impact they can have on reducing costs as well as harmful environmental impacts. Here are five green energy ideas that save money — and the planet:

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