A glimmer of hope for wind farm

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Truckenbrod said she was against the project.

“Considering the problems we’ve had in this county [with wind farms], it would be hard to watch us go through that again,” he said.

Many residents who originally had positive or neutral views about wind farms, she said, have turned against them.

“I don’t know anyone who has gone from negative to positive,” she said.

Marilyn Shippert, R-Dixon, said the project would bring in more tax revenue, but that’s not the purpose of zoning.

“We need to look beyond money,” she said. “There are concerns about the health effects. We need to keep people safe.”

Dick Binder, R-Compton, said he was leaning against the project, but said he would make no commitment before getting more information.

Bernie Buckley, R-Dixon, put himself in the undecided camp, but he was concerned about decommissioning.

“I think there are too many loose ends out there still,” he said.

John Nicholson, R-Franklin Grove, said he was undecided. But he wanted to know why the zoning board rejected the wind farm after voting for a finding of fact that the petition complied with the county’s wind energy ordinance.

The County Board is expected to vote on the wind farm at its May 21 meeting.

Mainstream’s proposal was part of a three-county wind farm, which includes Whiteside and Bureau counties. Last year, Whiteside County approved nine turbines, while Bureau County’s zoning panel recommended against Mainstream’s plan for 19 turbines, saying it didn’t meet the county’s requirements.

Mainstream withdrew its proposal in Bureau County, saying it planned to submit a new plan.

How they’ll vote

How do Lee County Board members plan to vote on Mainstream Renewable Power’s proposed wind farm?


Rick Ketchum, D-Amboy

Ann Taylor, R-Amboy

Marvin Williams, R-Dixon


David Gusse, R-Dixon

Marilyn Shippert, R-Dixon

Judy Truckenbrod, R-West Brooklyn


Dick Binder, R-Compton

Bernie Buckley, R-Dixon

Tim Deem, R-Dixon

Bob Gibler, R-Dixon

Steve Kitzman, R-Dixon

Gerald Leffelman, R-Sublette

Isaac Mercer, R-Dixon

Wes Morrissey, D-Amboy

John Nicholson, R-Franklin Grove

Bill Palen, R-Dixon

Unavailable for comment

Allyn Buhrow, R-Ashton

Kasey Considine, R-Amboy

Vern Gottel, R-rural Sterling

Tom Kitson, R-Dixon

Arlan McClain, R-Dixon

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