A lower thermostat will save you money but be prepared in extreme cold temp …

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SOLON, Ohio – While the call has gone out for people to conserve energy and reduce their heating bills by turning their thermostat down there is cautionary side to the equation, with temperatures as low as we are seeing our furnaces may not be able to warm the house back up.

“We design furnaces to run continuously at 100 percent when it gets down to five degrees,” said heating and cooling expert Paul Wadsworth of P.K. Wadsworth in Solon.

“So below five degrees the furnace should run continuously and hopefully keep up with the temperature you want in the house.”

“When you set back the temperature and allow the temperature to drop back in the house when it’s really cold outside it just doesn’t have enough oomph to catch up,” Wadsworth said.

“So you could find yourself wanting to be back up to 70 degrees but not being able to catch up until the weather warms up outside.”

There are things you can do Wadsworth said to help your system perform at its best during this time. Tip number one he said change the filter.

“If you don’t change it out it gets clogged up and things get backed up and the efficiency goes away,” said Wadsworth. “You actually can damage your furnace if you don’t change your furnace filter often enough.”

Another tip, take the summer screens out of the window and open the curtains when the sun is out.

“The screen in your window blocks about 25 percent of the useful sunlight  that’s coming into the window, so just by taking the screens out of the window you get 25 percent more solar energy coming into your home.”

Wadsworth recommends making sure all windows are locked for reasons beyond safety but to provide an air tight seal.

One of the most important tips is getting an annual checkup on your furnace to make sure everything’s working properly.

“You can save up to 30 percent in the cost of operation simply by having the system maintained annually,” he said.

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