Air Clinic releases five energy saving tips in light of latest Kentucky cold snap

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Air Clinic releases five energy saving tips in light of latest Kentucky cold snap

Air Clinic, LLC, provides heating and cooling services to residential and commercial customers and shares tips on how to save money on heating bills.

The recent cold snap in central Kentucky was a reminder that winter isn’t over yet. After a relatively mild winter, the February storm brought lows of around 15 degrees with wind chills in the single digits while dumping snow in the eastern part of the state. With some of the coldest weather of the year hitting Kentucky, it’s good to keep in mind some steps to lower heating bills.

As much as half of the energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling, according to Air Clinic, LLC. Making smart decisions about a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system can have a big effect on utility bills. Here are some suggestions to lower those bills:

1. Wear a sweater and turn down the thermostat to 68 degrees. For each degree a homeowner turns down the thermostat they will save about 3 percent on heating bills. At night set the thermostat even lower and save 5 to 20 percent of heating costs. Consider using programmable thermostats, which can reduce heating and cooling by 5 to 30 percent.

2. Replace or clean furnace filters once a month. Dirty filters restrict airflow making a heating system work harder and longer which increases energy use. All manufacturers recommend regular maintenance to maintain peak performance.

3. Seal up air leaks by caulking around windows and doors. Let the sunshine in by opening drapes and heat the home for free. Keep fireplace dampers tightly closed when not in use.

4. Keep in mind that as hot water heaters age, they tend to accumulate sediment and lime deposits. If the heaters are not cleaned periodically, the sediment may act as a barrier between the burner and the water, making it harder to heat.

5. Most HVAC systems have a lifetime of 12 years or less. As equipment gets older, its efficiency can decrease dramatically. Consider replacing older furnaces with the newer and more efficient models.

Air Clinic, LLC Heating Air Conditioning Service has serviced thousands of HVAC systems for residential and commercial customers through the years and has the knowledge and experience to guide a family or business toward the most energy-efficient and cost-effective system to suit their needs. Their technicians are respectful and treat customers as if they were a member of their own family. Air Clinic is proud to be a local Bryant Dealer, provides 24/7 emergency services, and offers competitive rates with no overtime.

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