Alex Salmond urged to deliver on green energy jobs for Dundee pledge

March 26, 2014 by  
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Alex Salmond has been accused of “over-promising” green energy jobs to Scotland after German company Siemens chose Hull for a £310 million, 1,000-job investment.

Dundee Labour group leader Kevin Keenan said the turbine production project was the type of boost Dundee was seeking after the city’s promotion by the SNP Government for green energy business.

Spanish company Gamesa has already chosen Edinburgh instead of Dundee and so far no significant green energy investment project has come to the city.

“Good luck to Hull but I am disappointed for Dundee,” said Mr Keenan.

“The First Minister has to be asked when he can deliver on pledges made about green energy jobs coming to Dundee and to Scotland in general?

“The SNP Government says nothing will happen unless Scotland has the economic levers to attract industry, as though independence is the cure for all the ills.

“Did Mr Salmond over-promise the number of green energy jobs that would be coming here?”

A Scottish Government spokesman said last night: “Dundee, along with the other ports identified in the National Renewable Infrastructure Plan (NRIP), continues to attract interest from potential inward investors.

“Last week’s announcement granting consent to the world’s third largest windfarm in the Outer Moray Firth could generate gross value worth up to £2.5 billion over its lifetime.

“This shows that offshore renewables represent a huge opportunity for Scotland.”

This month Mr Salmond refused to commit to any timescale for the arrival of 700 renewable energy jobs he promised at the signing of a memorandum of understanding in December 2011.

Instead he blamed the delay on the Electricity Market Reform Bill making its way through Westminster.

Ken Guild, Dundee’s SNP administration leader, said the Hull deal had been years in the making and Dundee needed more time to achieve the same investment.

He said: “This kind of project is very much what we want for Dundee. We still have an understanding with Scottish and Southern Energy with a view to attracting these sorts of jobs.

“We are doing everything we can to bring renewables jobs into Dundee but decisions are being made which we have no control over.”

Siemens’ use of Dundee to transfer turbines from mainland Europe to Stonehaven showed the port was ideal for renewables work, he added.

SSE, who signed the memorandum with the council, port owners Forth Ports and Scottish Enterprise, to open Dundee harbour for wind turbines manufacturing, said they had no update on any development at Dundee.

A Forth Ports spokesman said: “Until we know how the outcome of the electricity market reform shapes the energy market, there is still much uncertainty for many organisations in the renewables marketplace.”

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