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Alternative energy has been a hot topic in recent years, as it has been heavily debated in both the political and investing world. Some feel that America’s energy independence relies on the expanded use of alternative sources, while others disagree with that sentiment. Either way, alternative energy investing has surged in popularity in recent years as many have added long term exposure to their portfolios in hopes of this asset class growing as a whole. But investing in green energy can be a tall order, as there are numerous companies that offer dozens of different clean energy solutions [for more alternative energy news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

In an effort to better help our readers choose the right alternative energy investment for them, we outline the top 50 alternative energy blogs (in no particular order) to help you make the best choices for your portfolio.


The following blogs broadly discuss the alt energy world [see also How a President Romney Could Destroy Alternative Energy Investing].

  1. Alt Energy Stocks: A great source focused on various stocks in the green energy world.
  2. Cleantech Investing: A blog specifically designed for the alt energy investor.
  3. Renewable Energy World: A broad based site that focuses on all facets of the alt energy space.
  4. Alternative Energy Blog: Antonio Pasolini’s blog about the alt energy world.
  5. It’s Getting Hot In Here: Dispatches from the youth climate movement.
  6. Peak Energy: A blog that speaks about global warming and other solutions in the wake of peak oil.
  7. Clean Energy Stocks: This blog focuses specifically on investing in alt energy stocks.
  8. Renewable Energy Articles: A blog that offers solar, wind, geothermal, biomass,wave, and tidal energy articles.
  9. Grist: A clean energy blog that aims to be your beacon in through the smog.
  10. Environmental and Urban Economics: A site that offers thoughts on environmental and urban issues from an economics perspective.
  11. A great source that mixes news and analysis on alt energy.
  12. Green: A blog about energy and the environment.
  13. Recharge: This site is jam-packed with news articles covering the entire alt energy space.


These resources are dedicated to bringing you breaking news and updates [see also The Ultimate Guide To Wind Power Investing].

  1. Clean Break: A blog that is dedicated to bringing you news and updates on the clean energy universe as a whole.
  2. The Energy Collective: A great source for alt energy news.
  3. Green Car Congress: One of the most up to date news sources on clean energy around the world.
  4. isCleaner: A site that focuses on Canadian clean energy news and information.
  5. After Gutenberg: A heavily-opinionated source for news and commentary.
  6. Clean Technica: One of the best places to get your alt energy news fix.
  7. Treehugger: A well-written news source that has a dedicated alt energy section.
  8. Consumer Energy Report: An all-encompassing site that features a great selection of news pieces.
  9. Environmental Economics: Economists comment on environmental and natural resources.
  10. The Met One Instruments Inc Monitor: A cleverly laid out source for news and updates.
  11. Clean Techies: Another jam-packed news source for clean energy junkies.
  12. Inhabitat: A green blog that focuses on news as well as tips and tricks for consumers at home.
  13. Climate Science: A news source that looks to offer cool-headed updates on the green energy industry.
  14. Alternative Energy: This blog aims to be your leading resource for alternative energy news with dozens of updates each day.
  15. Altenergymag: A great news resource on the clean energy world.
  16. Renewable Energy Law: Another great place to get news on this green movement.


The following blogs fall on the side of analyzing the overall industry [see also Top 5 Solar Stocks by Market Cap].

  1. Climate Progress: A site that brings you analysis and commentary on the industry.
  2. Cleantech Blog: A good analytical resource for the entire alt energy space.
  3. Marc Gunther: This blog brings you analysis and commentary from its dedicated author.
  4. Green Biz: An extremely active source for alt energy analysis.
  5. DeSmog Blog: Focused on “clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science”.
  6. Green Options: A great source for analysis and commentary on various issues in the green energy world.
  7. Get Real List: A blog that is not afraid to ask tough questions on energy policies.
  8. Our Finite World: A blog that seeks to provide a wide view of what may be ahead.
  9. Alternative Energy HQ: A great analytical resource for investors to take a deeper look at alt energy.
  10. We Are Power Shift: Alt energy analysis at its finest.


This list includes blogs that focus their efforts on a specific sector within the green energy world [see also Why The IEA Is Backing Nuclear Power].

  1. Alternative Energy Newswire: This blog brings you breaking news and analysis on alternative energy sources, technology and implementation.
  2. Global Wind Energy Council: A source that mainly focuses its updates on wind power.
  3. Into the Wind: Another blog that focuses on the wind industry.
  4. Solar Charged Driving: A blog that focuses on plugging the world into the power of the sun.
  5. Wind Energy Update: Dedicated to updating you on the wind industry.
  6. Biofuels Journal: A site that is specifically dedicated to biofuels and news surrounding the industry.
  7. Global Solar Technology: A blog that focuses on, you guessed it, solar energy.
  8. Driving the Nation: A blog that takes a particular interest in alternative fuels and cars that use them.
  9. National Wind Watch: A wind energy news blog that is packed full of articles and updates.
  10. Gas 2: A blog that hones its efforts in on alternative sources for powering cars and vehicles.
  11. Solar Energy News: A source wholly dedicated to the solar industry.

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