Baggage Jacket Gives Airline Fees The Slip

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When your luggage packs in too many pounds at airline check-in, transformable outerwear could handle the overflow — avoiding fees for extra weight.

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The lightweight bag-clothing can hold all kinds of soft luggage, according to the Bulgarian company that makes it, Jaktogo. This video shows a guy folding shirts, pants, underwear, socks, a hooded sweatshirt and a large towel into a Jaktogo bag that transforms into a wearable jacket. Hat tips to Inhabitat and

In addition to the jacket, the company also makes a dress and a poncho from water- and wind-resistant material. Each Jaktogo can hold up to 22 pounds. Of course, wearing all your stuff can be an unfortunate look. And having just done some traveling myself at the tail-end of winter, even regular bulky outerwear is a pain on the plane.

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Jaktogo promises wearable luggage that’s “as easy as it looks” to pack. “Only fools pay for extra luggage,” the company’s site says. My argument is more with the airlines that charge for any checked bag and then have overhead compartments bursting with carry-ons.

No matter what the rules are, if you’re regularly stuffing extra underwear and pants into a poncho prior to flying, maybe it’s time to rethink your packing strategy.

Photo: The Jaktogo luggage jacket stretches the definition of “carry-on.” Credit: Jaktogo.

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