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Banners celebrate green energy

MERIDEN ­— Banners encouraging renewable energy hanging from lampposts in the Yale Acres neighborhood turned heads Monday as residents watched a cherry-picker truck hoist the colorful painted tarps.

Design and painting had been done by area children and adults over the summer to promote recycling and to advertise the Meriden Housing Authority’s new units outfitted with geothermal and solar-powered energy. JoAnn Moran, an artist and native of Southington hired by the housing authority, said watching the banners go up is exciting for those that worked on them.

“It’s their little piece of fame,” Moran said.

In addition to the banners, Moran helped lead the painting of recycled billboard vinyl to create panels that explain how geothermal and solar energy work. Those panels were arranged into cubes on the lawn of some housing units.

Another goal of the artwork is encouraging Yale Acres residents to recycle and informing them what materials can be recycled.

“There are a lot of people in the community who don’t know what we can recycle,” Moran said.

Evette Nava, housing authority asset manager, said the work is funded by a beautification grant and accompanies the rehabilitation of some housing units.

Having residents help make the art has helped build community, she said.

“They’ve got kids involved in the art,” Nava said. “They can feel proud they had a part in it.”

Designs by Stephanny Garcia, 23, caught the eye of Moran who has been training the Yale Acres resident how to continue the project. If the grant money is secured, Garcia could end up with a job providing artwork for Yale Acres, designing a website and running community events.

Garcia said she’s drawn all her life and loves art.

“I never really thought of it as a career,” she said.

Moran’s job is finished in November and if grant money continues Garcia could step into her role.

“We’re still working on those details,” Nava said.

Garcia, who speaks Spanish, said there’s a large group of Hispanic residents of Yale Acres who aren’t always reached with mailings or other notifications about recycling.

“A lot of people don’t know English,” she said.

Banners, plus the enthusiasm of children, could help reach some of those residents, according to Garcia.

Since beginning the banner project, she’s gotten to know more families and children who live around her. Residents are also proud to be contributing to the project.

“It benefits the neighborhood,” Garcia said.


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