Brazil Stokes Competition in Wind Energy Auction

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Analyst with the new energy finance team.

Good morning to you.

I am sitting here in europe, what is going on in brazil and why should i care about it is to mark — care about it?

They have been bringing down prices.

As you said, developers, manufacturers were uneasy because brazil hit record low prices.

Fortunately, in this last auction about two weeks ago, prices went up.

Capacity went up.

We are expecting to more gigawatts of wind in the upcoming two auctions in brazil.

We are starting to see some consolidation, some strategies being brought out a developers who are concentrating their portfolios and this has led to higher prices.

What really caught my eye was the fact that incredibly logically, i can’t believe that people didn’t think about this, insisting that this new capacity is built near substations — i.e. to build a kit and plug it into the grid.

This is part of the new rules for the auction.

A problem we have been having is that a lot of the products that have been auctioned off were delayed because of transmission.

The projects are built, ready to go but there is no way to interconnect them.

This last option, the first phase of the auction, you had to bid for interconnection.

Then, you bid for supplying power.

This is a positive new change for this policy.

Seems logical.

We don’t get to see you often hear.

Give us a sense of what the overall situation is in latin america.

What progress is being made?

The most exciting thing happening this year — people have been expecting that, solar is going to be allowed to compete in these renewable energy auctions.

Let’s see what is going to happen in october and december when solar is allowed to compete.

Thank you very much.

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