Brewery U-turns on green energy project

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Brewery U-turns on green energy project

By Mark Stead, Political Reporter

PART of a North Yorkshire brewery could be dismantled just years after it was built following an unsuccessful green energy project.

Selby District Council approved proposals for a biomass boiler at the John Smith’s Brewery in Tadcaster, pictured, in 2008, with the scheme having been intended to provide steam and electricity for the site.

But Heineken UK Ltd, which owns the brewery, has now asked for permission to remove the plant after saying attempts to make it work at the Tadcaster site had not succeeded and other, more suitable energy-efficiency measures are now available.

In a statement submitted to council planners, the brewer’s planning agents, Norder Design Associates, said: “In the mid-2000s, the brewery made a decision to invest in emerging energy-generation technology with biomass.

“Despite great efforts over the commissioning process, the system did not work for the brewery’s exact circumstances, and finally it was concluded that the brewery had to accept biomass energy generation would not be an ongoing project. Heineken point out that they were pioneers in this application, and sometimes being green takes courage to try out new ideas which don’t always work.”

Norder said Heineken had “learned much from this experience” and would look to “carefully” remove and salvage the boiler plant and its equipment so it can potentially be used elsewhere. Other parts of the complex will either be dismantled for recycling or demolished.

The company said that while part of the brewery lies within Tadcaster’s conservation area and some of its buildings are listed, the biomass complex stands away from this area. It also said firms bidding to carry out the work would have to show “high levels of competency and experience” to minimise disruption, dust and noise in the centre of the town.

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