Burn proof: Tips for finding a reputable solar power system installation company

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By William Dawson

Solar power represents the future of energy supply and many homeowners are looking to get a solar power system installed as a way of ticking a lot of environmentally friendly boxes and also to keep better control of their future energy costs.

Buying a solar power system is an investment and it is therefore very important that you choose the right system for your needs and you find an installer that you can trust and rely on to get the job done.

Here are some tips to help you find a reputable solar power installation company and to ensure that you don’t get burned in the process.

New technology still means old rules apply

The widespread growth in installation of solar power systems should not mask the fact that despite this being a relatively new technology that is rapidly growing in popularity, the old rules of applying a degree of caution as to who you entrust with your hard-earned money still apply.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that any industry where there is money to be made will attract a few unscrupulous individuals and companies who are sadly more interested in your money than providing you with a quality system.

Whilst the sharks might be in the minority, just remember to exercise a level of caution especially if you are offered a deal that requires an immediate sign-up in order to get the discounts. Any reputable company will not mind you checking out their credentials and maybe even speaking to a few existing customers before you agree to a deal.

Trusting in your supplier

Your ultimate aim is to buy a solar power system that meets your energy needs and does not put you into financial difficulties for many years in order to get it.

There are some alarming stories of people who have signed up to poor value finance deals that end up costing them dear and paying off debt for a long period of time and also tales of poor workmanship where householders have had to meet extra costs to repair a leaking roof and other damage as a result of a poor installation.

It should be stressed that companies who charge exorbitant finance rates and are not suitably skilled or caring enough to install your system to a decent standard are very much in the minority.

A good supplier will want to protect their reputation and develop a relationship with you so just be wary of any company that seems to be in hurry to sign you up, do the installation and beat a retreat without paying much attention to customer care.

Assessing your needs

Much can be gleaned about a company by their approach to the home assessment process.

A genuine company who are committed to building a successful and profitable business in the solar power industry will obviously need to make a profit but they should also be able to suggest ways in which you can reduce your energy costs as part of the home assessment rather than see it as an opportunity to sell you a bigger system.

A good example of the right approach would be an ethical company pointing out that a switch to compact fluorescent or LED lighting at a cost of a few hundred dollars would be money well spent compared to a few thousand dollars for extra panels to power your old energy inefficient lights.

Getting a good quality system

There a number of important reasons why good quality solar systems are essential and it is always worth remembering that the cheapest deal is not always the best deal in terms of longevity and durability.

You might be offered a package deal by a company which has an attractive headline price but it could be a false economy if you buy good quality solar panels with your money but end up with poor quality inverter’s, cabling and mounting.

Poor wiring quality will affect your system’s performance and not allow you to get the best out of your solar panels so take the time to get all the components of your deal right to avoid any potential disappointment.

Finding a reputable solar power installation company is essential if you are going to get the most out of your investment, so don’t be afraid to ask all the right questions until you are happy with your choice of supplier.

William Dawson has never regretted the switch to solar power. He likes to help others learn about it by posting online.

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