Calif. turns to Mojave Desert for new era of green energy

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“The total project will power 140,000 California homes, so one way to look at it is one heliostat powers one home,”

Lets examine what 140,000 homes actually means int he real world by applying some math to that :)


Between January 1995 and January 1999, California’s population increased by 1.8 million. If present trends continue, California’s population will likely reach 40 million by 2010, and 45.5 million by 2020.

Most of California’s projected population growth will occur through new births.

Net migration, which accounted for more than half of the State’s population growth during the 1980s, is expected to account for a significantly smaller share of 1997-2020 statewide population growth (California Department of Finance, 1998).”

What does this mean? well, let’s apply some math to this, but first this:

“Percentages aside, California will grow a lot during the next 20 years. In terms of households, the basic building block of housing demand, the state will likely add just over 3 million households between 1997 and 2010, and just over five million households by 2020.”

Okay, according to the Dept of housing and community development, State of California, an ADDITIONAL 5 MILLION new homes will be needed by 2020 due to population growth, the majority of which is expected to come from NEW BIRTHS as it says.
SO we already project that the state will have to have 5 MILLION more new homes built, and since each of these homes will be connected to the “grid” that means finding new power sources, water etc for 5 Million more homes by 2020- just 7 years away.

According to the video, this massive and costly solar power installation will only power 140,000 homes, so over the next 7 years just to keep up with population growth they will have to build at least 35 MORE of these massive solar installations just to keep up with GROWTH!

Every time science comes up with a way to make ends meet on these things, unchecked, out of control population growth MOVES THE ENDS FURTHER APART! It’s a no-win situation that science cannot solve, building more multi billion dollar solar panels is not the answer, BIRTH CONTROL is.

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