Can solar energy save the world?

October 30, 2013 by  
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Dear Sir,
50 years of active solar industrialization pales in comparison to nature.

Every single square meter of this planet when left undisturbed will have some photosynthetic organisms doing what comes naturally. And they harvest energy in the form of wood, bioethanol, biomass or algae. Vegetables, crops and trees.
And all carbon based fuels are derived from photosynthesis like coal, natural gas, and petroleum.

I would argue no solar panel system will be as beautiful, productive or serviceable as a stately elm tree: creating shade, cooling streets and neighborhoods, allowing winter sun to peak through to warm homes, making habitat for birds and mammals, providing wood for furniture, leaf color in the fall, shady walks, leaves for garden mulch, scrubbing the air of CO2 and providing wood for heat or even biomass electricity. And last over 100 years.

Solution: Plant more trees. Don’t fiddle with silicon panels.

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