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Tom Kiernan, Wind Energy Speaker

Tom Kiernan, Wind Energy Speaker

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In this episode of Catalyst Radio we have the opportunity to talk to the featured guest at this year’s upcoming Wege Speaker Series on Economicology taking place Thursday, Apr. 24, at Aquinas Performing Arts Center.

Joining us by phone is Tom Kiernan, CEO of the nonprofit American Wind Energy Association. Kiernan will give us a preview of his talk at next week’s event centering on sustainable energy with a focus on wind energy for Michigan. Kiernan discusses how wind energy relates to Economicology – a term coined by Wege Foundation founder Peter Wege to describe the intersection of economy and ecology.

But first we have in studio today to preview the free Wege Speaker Series event Susan Lovell, long-time editor and biographer for Peter Wege. Lovell will explain the purpose of the speaker series, now in its 18th year, and the motivations and purposes behind Peter Wege’s philanthropic efforts that largely focus on the health of the environment, and particularly here in West Michigan.



Music is featured in this episode of Catalyst Radio is local artist Andrew P Oliver, with the song “I Can Hear The Wind” from the release The Kindred Fellow.

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