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The Science Festival takes place daily until October 20 in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) and Corniche (West Plaza) in addition to bespoke locations in Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain and Al Gharbia.

At the Advanced Turbine Workshop, older children (10+) put their ingenuity to the test by assembling a turbine and using a soldering iron to wire it to a generator. The students then test their inventions in the Festival Wind Tunnel, competing against their friends to discover who is the best at harnessing the power of the wind and generating the most electricity. Younger children (5-9 years) don’t miss out on the fun as there is also the Introductory Turbine Workshop.

Here they learn how best to capture the wind’s energy and get the chance to design their own wind turbines. They too compete with their inventions against each other, seeing whose turbine spins faster in the Wind Tunnel. Both workshops run daily at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2012, at ADNEC from 17.00 – 20.00, in 45 minute slots.

Dana Al Hashimi mother of 2 from Baniyas, smiled at her children. “This workshop has shown my kids the power of the wind. Up to now, they thought electricity just comes from a switch but these turbines have shown what it takes to bring it to our homes. They are also asking questions about everything: “How? Why?” I will book them, for sure, to come after school this week to have them experiment and practically learn hands-on, so their questions are answered!”

These hands-on workshops are part of the many Festival’s exciting ‘Green Energy’ theme, which also features the Super Cool Game Show, hosted by Frostie Freddie and Thelma Thermal, where contestants race around the clock to see who can save the most money and energy on their model house as it overheats. At Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Competition, lovers of speed combine engineering with chemistry to build a car powered by hydrogen and compete against their friends to see whose can travel the furthest. Audiences are wowed at the Future Energy Show, by the future of clean energy in this explosive and fiery show, discovering that world-class research is happening right here in the UAE!

Thousands of seats have already been pre-booked for favorite activities at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), and bookings are daily increasing. While the weekend days are witnessing a huge volume of visitors with the Festival recently closing its doors on Friday due to reaching full capacity, parents and children are advised to visit the Festival during the weekdays and after school hours until 9 PM, ensuring them a fulfilling experience and secured booking availability. Visitors can pre-plan their visit and book preferred workshops and shows, which have a limited capacity, through the festival’s website All events at the Abu Dhabi Corniche are free-of-charge.

Organized by the Abu Dhabi technology Development Committee (TDC), the Abu Dhabi Science Festival is a strategic initiative dedicated to the engagement and inspiration of the nation’s youth with science related hands-on activities as part of a wider plan geared towards building Abu Dhabi’s talent base in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

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