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Before you complete your list of Things to Do this summer, pause just a few minutes and read the following. Does your stomach flip flop when you hear the word science? Do you prefer the sound of your PS4 to the sound of a solar robot bug hopping along? Do snakes make your skin crawl? Well, the Westland Public Library hopes to help change all that.

Join us for our annual Summer Reading Program (for adults, that’s our Summer Library Challenge). We are rolling out all the stops this year to help you experience science in a whole new way. Along with getting a chance to read all those books you didn’t have time to read during your busy school year, children and youth from birth to those who have completed sixth-grade are encouraged to sign up for the Fizz, Boom and Read program.

Keep track of books read, (or those your parents have read to you) and attend exciting programs. Before you know it you’ll have more fun than Neil deGrasse Tyson thought was universally possible.

Teens, you have no reason not to stop by the library this summer. Give us a chance to Spark a Reaction from you. No more complicated page counting, just read books. Let us know what books you’ve read (age appropriate, of course) and you are on your way to the best summer of your so called life.

If you thought last year’s programs were explosive, this year’s has them beat by a nautical mile. Interested in stop motion animation or want to learn how to perform a variety of fight scenes using swords and/or whips conducted by the Ring of Steel Action Theatre Troupe? Don’t get caught up in centripetal force, make your way to the library. And then of course, there’s the Finishers Party to consider.

OK, so your teen years are over. Don’t despair. The library is looking out for you, too. We know you would give anything to stop the hands of time, but don’t hold your breath for that to happen anytime soon. However, we thought of the next best thing: a Summer Library Challenge.

Join our Literary Elements program. Read a book, listen to a book, watch a movie, or a television series or attend an adult program – that’s any adult program – computer classes, book clubs, Job Seekers Lab, special programming, you name it. Can’t commit more than 5 – 10 minutes? Well things have just gotten even sweeter. We have weekly games for you to enter. So no matter what your chemical composition, we are waiting for you at the library.

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