Cobourg wants control over green energy projects

June 11, 2013 by  
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COBOURG — The Town of Cobourg is set to pass a resolution aimed at restoring the community’s control over renewable energy projects, while protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine from industrial wind turbine development.

The move comes despite a request from the Green Party, calling on the Town to suspend its decision, until such time as the merits of regional energy plans are reviewed.

Ralph Torrie of the Northumberland-Quinte West Green Party requested the resolution, prepared by Deputy Mayor Stan Frost, be simply received for information.

“When an issue like this stirs up as much concern and worry … it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger perspective, and the other points of view on the issue,”he said.”The Green Party is a supporter of green power, and we think that it has a very critical role to play in the future of the province’s electricity system.”

He said that, except perhaps the threat of global nuclear war, there is no issue of greater importance to society than climate change.

“Based on strong scientific evidence, climate change, if unaddressed, will create profound changes to society, almost all of which will be negative,”Mr. Torrie said.”It is difficult to overstate the importance of this issue.”

Citing the Green Energy and Green Economy Act’s removal of municipal control over meaningful planning and authority over renewable energy projects, Deputy Mayor Frost’s resolution is calling on the Province to amend the act.

Of particular concern is the protection of the provisions of the Oak Ridges Moraine Protection Act and Oak Ridges Conservation Plan.

The resolution calls for an immediate embargo on approval and installation of industrial wind turbines on the ecologically sensitive core areas of the moraine.

“The problem is there appears to be no upper limit on the number of installations that could occur on the moraine,”Deputy Mayor Frost told council earlier this week.”Mr. Torrie suggests that this report be received for information purposes, and that we get caught up in another vague undertaking on the energy front, this time with regional energy plans.”

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