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Stephen Crivillaro is excited to be a part of a potentially world-changing new technology.

NEW YORK, NY, April 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — New technologies pop up every day, yet many don’t have the capability the change the way we develop and use energy. Stephen Crivillaro, a professional consultant, has been providing consulting support to a green energy project for years; a project that, if successful, could have far-reaching global impacts, both economic and environmental.

Stephen Crivillaro has announced the development of a product that could revolutionize the world. Energy is generally derived from fossil fuels like coal and oil, and has proven to have an incredibly negative impact of the health of the environment. Fossil fuels are expensive to cultivate and refine, and cost people around the world trillions of dollars every year. Stephen Crivillaro is an integral member of a team that is currently working on a way to transform human waste into clean and efficient energy. If successful, this powerful new innovation has the potential to reduce our fossil fuel dependence, improve our air quality and potentially help to close the ever-growing gap between rich and poor nations.

Stephen Crivillaro is extremely excited about the world-changing potential of this amazing and powerful new technology. He is playing a vital role in a process that could possibly revolutionize the energy industry and change the way people see and feel about energy.

Stephen Crivillaro has an unshakable dedication to the use of alternative sources of energy. He is completely personally invested in and devoted to less reliance on fossil fuels and more use of safer and cleaner sources of green energy, use that could eventually help to eliminate the threats of water and air pollution. These are also energies that could potentially create a more sustainable and healthier environment that future generations can thoroughly enjoy.

As a consultant providing services on green energy products, Stephen Crivillaro shows unbeatable expertise. The transformation of human waste into energy system, if successful, says Stephen Crivillaro, could have far-reaching and paradigm-altering effects. Such a system could be an effective and cost efficient way to deliver energy to billions of people, which could greatly decrease the reliance on and overall impact of environmentally-devastating fossil fuels.

Stephen Crivillaro travels often between India and Germany, the two countries most interest in investing in this amazing new technology. Stephen Crivillaro says these two densely populated and powerful countries have poured significant investment into this technology, though he hopes the United States will soon follow suit.

Stephen knows how critical more effective and innovative energy sources are to the health and progression progression of humanity. Stephen Crivillaro, as a green energy consultant, understands the effects of our dependence on fossil fuels. He knows how devastating this reliance has been on the global environment. He exhibits unwavering confidence in this new project, and has put a large amount of time and expertise into seeing that it becomes a global success.

Stephen Crivillaro is a highly-educated professional who possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies. He was a student at Queen’s University, and is a currently resident of the Bronx in New York City. Stephen Crivillaro travels between the countries of Germany, India and the United States as a green energy consultant.

About: A new green energy transformation product has Stephen Crivillaro optimistic about the future.

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