CWLP Still Cleaning Up After Ice Storm – WICS

December 24, 2013 by  
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CWLP crews are still working in Springfield to clean up after freezing rain and ice pushed through central Illinois over the weekend.

According to CWLP spokesperson Amber Sabin, crews received around 400 service tickets in the first 24 hours, including one circuit failure that left more than 800 customers without power.

Today, they’re still handling about 25 service tickets.

“It wasn’t as bad because we didn’t have the wind, so they worked long hours with a little bit of rest,” Sabin said. “We even had some of our substation crews take on some other duties. We had all hands on deck. A lot of tree trimming had to take place before we could restore power as well.”

Sabin believes the utility company is close to finishing up with the work from this storm.

If you see tree limbs that are now interfering with power lines, call CWLP at 217-789-2121.CWLP Still Cleaning Up After Ice Storm

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