Daymak Beast, the Solar-Powered Off-Road Scooter [Photo Gallery]

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A lot of riders are buying electric bikes, scooters or pedelecs trying to curb the gas bill which only seems to get fatter and fatter each year. Even though such small vehicles are definitely not providing the thrill one gets from an 100+ horsepower machine, they’re still perfect for urban commuting, especially as the running costs are a only a tiny fraction of those involved by petrol engines. Now, have you ever thought about a way to ride for free? If you did, here’s the Daymak Beast, the solar-powered scooter.

Attaching solar panels to vehicles dates back to the early 80’s or even earlier, but it looks like this idea has become lucrative once more. Daymak adds solar panels to the very battery of the Beast scooter, so they can harness energy even when you ride. The 15W panels are definitely no match for the specialized charger, but Daymak claims that the average rider could use this scooter with almost no need for a wall outlet, provided that the commuter range is kept under 10 km a day… and in case this claim turns out to be true, we’re looking at free transportation.

The Daymak Beast will be offered in three versions: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate, with various engines, batteries and chargers. The Standard comes with a lead-acid 12Ah pack, while the other two are loaded with lithium batteries and the Utimate stores 20Ah. The chepest version has a 250W rear hub motor, as opposed to the others, loaded with 500W units. The Daymak Best Ultimate is also built with an 6000/7000 alloy frame, while the others have a steel chassis.

Daymak Beast range varies between 30 and 50 km (18-31 miles), with top speeds of 25-32 km/h (15-20 mph). The bigger battery version is accompanied by a bigger charger, so the charging time is about 2 hours, compared to the 6 hours needed by the base model. The lead-acid-powered beast tips the scales at 75 kg (165 lbs), while weight savings help the Ultimate version reach as low as 55 kg (121 lbs).

One of the very cool things is that all battery packs have 2 USB ports for recharging gadgets, and the ultimate even has an 110V supply. All Beasts are equipped with beefy off-road tires, and the Ultimate even have adjustable suspensions for even better terrainability beyond the limit of the asphalt. With disc brakes and headlights, Daymak claims these scoots are also street-legal, even though there are no tail lights and turn signals to see in any of the pics. Probably they’ll add some in the future.

The Daymak Beast Standard is $1,299 (€955), with the Deluxe version setting you back with $2,299 (€1,690) and the Ultimate edition available for $3,499 (€2,570). Visit Daymak’s web home for more on the Beast and remember: you could be riding for free!

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