Delta Tree House Demonstrates “Smart Green Life” at Computex

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TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With the theme “Smart Green Life” and an eco-friendly and energy-saving
tree house the Delta Group demonstrated their latest green consumer
products and services at the 2012 Computex show in Taipei. Featuring
mobile power, LED lighting, video conference image systems and network
application systems, Delta demonstrated highly efficient energy-saving
solutions via scenario applications. Also, the Magic Cable Trio 3-in-1
charge sync cable from Delta’s consumer power brand, Innergie, also
received the highest honor Gold Award at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI design
innovation awards today.

Delta’s Vice Chairman and CEO Yancey Hai indicated that the theme “Smart
Green Life” and the Delta tree house represent how people can coexist
with nature through intelligent green building technologies and
energy-saving technologies. The smart green life scenarios at Delta’s
exhibit demonstrate its latest green products and services, and
communicates the Delta brand spirit “Smarter. Greener. Together.”
through actual applications.

At the exhibition Delta is also promoting tips on energy-saving from the
Delta Electronics Foundation. Visitors may scan a QR Code using a smart
phone or flat panel mobile device to obtain the seven energy-saving tips.

In the living room area, Delta’s “Seamless Screen Switchable Multimedia
System” allows anywhere-to-anywhere enjoyment of audio and visual
entertainment wirelessly and with multimedia control in the kitchen,
study or other areas. For lighting, Delta’s LED lighting designs are
used for the outdoor energy-saving lighting system and for the indoor
light source reducing electricity consumption by 90%. Delta’s wind power
system and solar energy modules supply endless green electricity.
Delta’s electric vehicle is also charging on the lawn with charging
facilities that conform to various international specifications.

In the studio, the combination of Delta’s extreme short throw projection
and interactive sensing frame projection technology projects a 97-inch
picture within just around 7cm. The extreme short throw projection
design is convenient for presentations or discussions and keeps the user
free from the projected light source. In the study, the portable Qumi-Q5
HD micro-projection system, projects a 90-inch picture, while Delta’s
uninterruptible power system protects personal computers and peripheral
accessories even in an environment with unstable voltage.

Innergie Magic Cable Trio for Smarter Mobile Power

The Magic Cable Trio from Delta’s consumer power brand, Innergie, has
received the “Gold Award” for the COMPUTEX TAIPEI design innovation
awards. The design of the smart 3-in-1 connector combines three types of
connectors for Mini USB, Micro USB and Apple products onto one single
USB cable. The single cable may be used for charging or synchronized
operations for smart phones, flat panel computers, iPod, iPhone, iPad,
and other Mini or Micro USB devices. The Magic Cable Trio is another
innovative power solution product from Innergie that allows mobile users
to easily charge anytime and anywhere.

Intelligent Wireless Multimedia Convenience

Delta displayed its family and vehicle entertainment system, the
“Seamless Screen Switchable Multimedia System” for the first time. The
new system integrates video conference and network systems allowing the
user to relocate and enjoy multimedia anywhere-to-anywhere via wireless
transmission and multimedia control. With support for various portable
devices and smart phones, the user can edit and operate the interface
with just one touch. The “Seamless Screen Switchable Multimedia System”
is also ideal for vehicles and tourist coaches, meeting rooms, and
family entertainment systems.

Qumi 500-lumen Micro Projection System and Intelligent Wireless

Delta is also exhibiting the world’s leading wireless HD portable mini
projector: the Qumi-Q5. With an LED as its light source, the Qumi-Q5
features brightness up to 500 lumens. an energy-saving, slim and light
streamlined design, sports car metallic exterior and an integrated 4G
memory to access HD picture files and audio-visual files. It supports
projection compatibility for iPhone and iPad. The Qumi-Q5 is an
innovative new product for the micro projection market. The second floor
of the exhibition site features Delta’s HD video theater demonstrating
3D film highlights from the “Taipei International Floral Expo”, and the
latest documentary on Taiwan, “Bird’s Eye View Of Taiwan” from renowned
aerial photographer, Po-Lin Chi.

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