Dip in evacuation of wind energy in TN

July 18, 2013 by  
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Though it is windy season in the State, wind energy generation is not at the maximum because of evacuation problems, according to K. Kasthoorirangaian, chairman of the Indian Wind Power Association.

Tamil Nadu has over 7,000MW of installed wind energy capacity and according to data available on the website of the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation (Tantransco), wind energy generation on July 17 morning was 2,325MW. On July 16, evening it was 2,586MW.

Evacuation of wind energy has declined during the last two weeks. Wind mills are facing shutdown for more than eight hours a day, says Mr. Kasthoorirangaian.

Last month over 75 million units of electricity were consumed from the wind energy generated on some days.

However, on July 13, just 48 million units of wind energy were consumed and on July 14, it was 61 million units, he says.

If evacuation improves, the energy generated can be absorbed by large scale industries, which are facing power cuts and restrictions on consumption, he adds.

The association has appealed to the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco) to step up evacuation.

“Even with the existing infrastructure evacuation of wind energy can be higher in the State,” he says.

At a meeting with the officials of Tangedco in Chennai on Wednesday, the association members explained that nearly 25 million units of wind power were not evacuated a day and evacuation loss is nearly 35 per cent.

“We expect some positive action soon,” he said.

The association has sought relaxation of restriction and control measures for High Tension industrial and commercial consumers.

These consumers have 40 per cent power cut and restriction on consumption of grid power in the peak hours.

Wind energy generation is high during evening hours.

The peak hour restriction should be relaxed and power cut should be reduced to 10 per cent for two months, till the end of the windy season, he says.

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