Does station need wind turbines?

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In response to the CEO of Gaelectric we, as residents of the community sent in our evaluation to the Community Consultation of November 27/28 regarding our concerns with the proposed CEAS power station in mid-December, 2013.

To date we have had only the acknowledgement it has been received. This leads us to believe that the consultation process is only a tick-box exercise and if the geology in the area is correct, plans will be submitted.

Due to the requirement by the EU and Government target of 40 per cent renewable energy by 2020, the planning office will be obliged to accept this inefficient plant, regardless of any concerns. We note that the EU has now scrapped that target, so it is left to individual countries.

We are advised that Gaelectric have had their innovative ideas heard by the NI Executive, Assembly members and the Larne council. Can we be assured that the claims are carefully considered by a team of independent climate, energy, financial and engineering experts? Remember, it is the consumer and taxpayer that will pay for this overpriced form of energy.

We assume that wind power will be the main source for this plant, as the evidence is there.

The Huntorf (Germany) model is surrounded by wind turbines. I feel Mr McGrath should revisit his company website, starting at page one which states “Gaelectric, Developing, Financing and Integrating Wind and Energy Storage”. His website is littered with references to the company achievements in covering the land with wind turbines and the links to wind turbine makers.

If Mr McGrath can remove the wind turbine element from the equation, I feel we can happily remove the assumption this project is mainly to facilitate wind turbines. A simple yes or no will be sufficient.

J S Sheppard

Carrickfergus Road


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