Dominion Virginia Power starting test borings for offshore wind energy project – Richmond Times

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Posted: Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:51 pm

Dominion Virginia Power starting test borings for offshore wind energy project

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Richmond Times-Dispatch

Dominion Virginia Power has started making test borings in the Atlantic Ocean off Virginia Beach as part of its proposed research project aimed at the eventual harvesting of offshore wind energy.

A 110-foot-long lift vessel is gathering core samples off Camp Pendleton this month, the company said today.

The Inez Eymard will collect data 300 feet to 3,300 feet from the shoreline for the design of an underground electric distribution line. The U.S.-flagged vessel jacks itself out of the water to provide a platform for collecting the core samples.

Dominion Virginia Power has received two U.S. Energy Department grants totaling $51 million for its wind turbine demonstration project 27 miles off the Virginia coast.

If the project is approved, the company plans to build two 6-megawatt turbines and test design features intended to lower the cost of construction, reduce maintenance and withstand hurricane-force winds.

“This proposed project provides a very interesting opportunity to develop renewable offshore wind energy for Virginia,” said Paul Ruppert, Dominion Resources Inc.’s senior vice president of business development and generation construction.

“Both the demonstration project and the commercial venture tie into our strategy of promoting a diverse generating mix that includes nuclear, natural gas, coal, hydro, solar and sustainable wind,” Ruppert said in a statement, “while providing our customers with reliable and affordable electricity.”

A subsidiary of Dominion Resources, Dominion Virginia Power is the state’s largest electric utility company with nearly 2.4 million customers.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014 12:51 pm.

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