Druse entrepreneur gets wind farm license

July 3, 2013 by  
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In the government’s first motion to approve a wind power generation facility in
the minority sector, the Public Utility Authority has granted a provisional
license for a Druse entrepreneur to build a 6-megawatt farm in the Upper
Galilee, the authority announced on Wednesday.

The farm, which will
consist of three huge turbines, is expected to supply all the electricity needs
of the Druse village of Hurfeish, located off Road 89 about 6 kilometers south
of the Lebanese border. Approved by the PUA’s plenary board led by Orit Farkash,
the application for the wind farm was submitted by entrepreneur Kanj Hussein.
The turbines should be able to provide power for more than 2,000 households, the
PUA said.

The turbines will each measure about 100 meters in height and
have a blade diameter of 60 meters, according to the PUA. The license is for 66
months, which will include the owner’s process of planning, raising capital and
building the facility.

The PUA said that it expects to see similar
advances in other wind energy initiatives, in accordance with the stipulations
of the National Master Plan on Wind Turbines (Tama 10-dalet-12), which has
streamlined the process of building wind farms.

While the government
originally allocated 800 megawatts to wind farms, a resolution approved in
December 2012 transferred 300 of those megawatts to solar photovoltaic usage.
The PUA has thus far approved four wind farms: the 6- megawatt field just
okayed; the 6.8-megawatt Sirin farm in the Jordan Valley, about 2.5 kilometers
west of Moshav Menahemya; the 10- megawatt Ma’aleh Gilboa site just above Beit
She’an at 420 meters above sea level; and the 6-megawatt Tel Asania facility on
the Golan Heights.

“The authority sees the importance of employing a
variety of renewable energies, which will produce energy in a complementary way
for the Israeli electricity market in different ways – from wind, sun, biomass
and biogas,” the PUA said.

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