Eaglehawk solar trial offers energy saving tips

June 20, 2013 by  
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EAGLEHAWK resident Maxine Plant is glad she took part in the Central Victoria Solar City trial. 

Ms Plant said the trial had not only saved her money, but made her home more comfortable. 

“We put on heavy window coverings and we retro-fitted with some more energy efficient lighting,” she said. “There are other simple things such as using draught stoppers through winter and we’ve made sure any gaps and things to the outside are sealed off. 

“We finding the home’s a lot more comfortable in the summer months without having to use an air conditioner, which we don’t have, and also in the winter months it’s also a lot warmer while we still have a reduction in our electricity.

“I don’t have the exact percentage in reduction, but it’s been quite a significant reduction in our bills.” 

Ms Plant had a home energy assessment through the trial with suggestions made for improvements. 

She said the trail project had changed her thinking towards electricity usage and said small changes, like turning lights off and making sure draughts weren’t entering her home, had made a big difference.

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