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New York, NY — (SBWIRE) — 11/26/2012 — Earth For Energy is one of the DIY green energy guides which have gained vast popularity in the past year year. It is an easy to understand textbook that anyone can use to make their own solar or wind electric power, help out the environment plus save tons of money every month on their energy bill.

Renewable sources of energy are the wave of the future. The costs – monetary as well environmental – associated with conventional sources of energy is increasing consistently. Solar and wind power – two easily available power sources – are still expensive to harvest for most pockets. Hence, there has been a strong push for DIY solar and wind power to cut down on the cost of equipping home with these two clean, cheap energy sources.

The Earth4Energy Residential Solar Power Systems Official Site

This is where Earth4Energy steps into the picture. Building own solar panels and wind turbines to harvest solar and wind energy can be quite complicated. Paying a professional means shelling out tens of thousands of dollars. With a high quality guidebook like Earth4Energy, the process can be stripped down to its barebones and presented in an easy-to-follow manner.

Earth4Energy Residential Solar Power Systems consists of a 73-page eBook, a video walkthrough, and a video info series. The eBook discusses solar and wind power, its benefits and costs, and proceeds to give step-by-step instructions on building own wind turbine or solar panel.

Anyone, no matter his or her technical knowledge, can use this manual to generate their own electricity from home, through the use of solar power and wind power. The manual provides clear illustrations and easy to follow instructions to help people successfully build and install their own power generating systems for less than $200. Once members generators are up and running, they will start to save 80-100% on their electricity bill.

Content of Earth4energy includes:

- Step-by-step instructions in videos, pictures and words on making wind turbines and solar panels. It can be understood even by someone who does not have much knowledge in making wind generators and solar panels
- Tips on where to find cheap materials from neighborhood hardware stores.
- How to construct a unique alternative solar power generator.
- Free updates for life at no additional cost. Update includes video series and manual.
- Instructional videos

More Details About The Earth4Energy Residential Solar Power Systems

The Earth4Energy Residential Solar Power Systems Official Site

The Full The Earth4Energy Residential Solar Power Systems Review

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