Ed Davey warned about his department’s use of wind farm ‘evidence’

August 24, 2013 by  
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It comes amid a growing Coalition row over a new study commissioned by Owen
Paterson, the Environment Secretary, on the impact of renewable energy
projects on the countryside.

The Telegraph yesterday disclosed that Mr Paterson has asked a consultancy
firm to investigate whether energy technologies – including wind turbines –
lower house prices in the countryside.

Coalition sources allege that the report is being blocked by DECC amid fears
that it will conclude that turbines harm property prices and the rural

Mr Davey has strenuously denied that his department is trying to suppress the

In its letter to Mr Davey, RICS told him that the 2007 “research has often
been quoted by wind farm developers, opponents, government departments,
regulators and third party actors.”

It was also sent to Ofgem, the energy watchdog.

A spokesman at the energy department said that RICS wrote to them to say that
they view the report to be “out of date”.

“DECC recognises that there is scope for new up-to-date research on the impact
the energy infrastructure has on house prices,” the spokesman said.

Chris Heaton-Harris, the Conservative MP for Daventry, said: “There is growing
concern over the level of property blight that wind turbines cause.

“These are the experts in the industry and they should be listened to.”

David Cameron this month said that people should not “expect to see a lot more
wind power onshore in the UK”, adding that there is now a “limited potential
for onshore wind”.

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