Eiserman: Nothing cheap about wind energy – Casper Star

February 23, 2014 by  
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Making electricity from the wind sounds like a way to go. Cheap — just catch the wind with a windmill and that’s the start of clean energy. Everything’s correct in those two sentences except cheap. There is nothing cheap about wind-generated electricity, except perhaps the wind.

To build a tower to house the blades to catch the wind is very, very expensive. The blades, when they are no longer needed, are most difficult to eliminate. Now let’s think about what happens to the countryside when the towers are built. The open spaces in Wyoming will be changed into an industrial complex, with maintained roads in every direction. This industrial view will not be as pretty as Wyoming’s open prairie. The noise, the vibrations and the heat coming off the generators will be unpleasant. The wildlife takes a hit, especially the birds. In Wyoming, wind energy developers can now kill eagles. In the Feb. 2 Casper Star-Tribune,Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance note that on a national basis, wind-powered energy cost jobs related to green-energy hand-outs (“Green-energy handouts cost Wyoming”).

Using the wind to make electricity might sound good, but it is not cheap, financially and environmentally.

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