Endorsement letters: Solar energy user supports Proposal 3

October 31, 2012 by  
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2009_04_0186.JPGAn array of PV solar cell panels, connected to the utility grid, is installed on a roof.
Our letter writer powers his business and home with solar panels.

I am a business owner in Oceana County who uses solar panels to power both my home and business. My wife and I made a commitment to this technology years ago and we are pleased to report that, contrary to popular opinion and the views expressed by Great Lakes Energy, solar electricity production works quite well in West Michigan.

We currently produce roughly 75 percent of the electricity we consume and often have an excess of electricity from mid-February until mid-October. I am writing in support of Proposal 3 as it sets a reasonable standard for renewable energy production in Michigan by 2025. According to a recent study done at Michigan State University, the changes brought about by Proposal 3 will potentially create tens of thousands of jobs in Michigan’s underutilized manufacturing sector. According to the same study, a yes to Proposal 3 will save the state roughly $1.7 billion dollars by reducing our need for coal from far afield, and could contribute significantly to Michigan’s economic recovery.

Thirty other states have adopted renewable energy standards higher than Michigan’s, including many states right here in the Midwest. In many cases these states’ ratepayers are buying their electricity at a lower price than we in Michigan.

Please join us in voting yes on proposal 3 on Nov. 6 and ensure that our kids have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and plentiful and creative jobs for their futures.


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