Energy and Efficiency Committee eyes ‘green’ options for Watertown

August 30, 2013 by  
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Watertown recently received one of 15 grants from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Council to explore what clean energy opportunities are available and fit the needs of the town. While the grant does not provide a specific amount of funding, it does provide the town with $2,000 for marketing as well as money to hire consultants to help decide what clean energy sources best fit the needs of the town.

“All we’re looking at is what do we do to move Watertown into the 21st century in the most environmentally benign way possible,” said Kenneth W. Mirvis, a member of the town’s Environment and Energy Efficiency Committee, who’s head of the project along with Steve Magoon, Watertown’s Director of Community Development and Planning.

While there are many options available, Mirvis said that the town would be looking into realistic options that best fit its needs.

“I think an awful a lot of small scale solar and I think that will be solar thermal and solar thermaltake, solar electricity and solar heat,” Mirvis said.

So far Mirvis and Magoon said they have reached out to about 12 groups including members of the Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and Trees for Watertown.

“We wanted to get as broad a cross section of Watertown as we could,” Mirvis said.

The town will also be holding a Community Energy Forum on October, 2 to brainstorm ideas, and then a second Community Energy Forum on a yet to be determined date in November to have a focused conversation about the town’s renewable energy needs and options, Mirvis said.

“What we’ll do is bring together as many people as we can pack into the biggest room we can find to have a very open and creative conversation about clean energy opportunities,” Mirvis said. The second one will be a much more focused, what can we pursue and how can we pursue it conversation.”

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