Energy Saving Tips: How to Reduce Energy Consumption

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JOPLIN, MO.— “Summer is in full swing and even though it’s not quite as hot as it was last year, summer is when customers tend to use more electricity than any other time in the year,” said Julie Maus, Empire District Electric Company, Media Relations.

Julie Maus with Empire District Electric Company says just a few adjustments can make a huge difference in your utility bill.

“Keeping their drapes closed when it’s sunny outside, keeping that solar heat gain out of the house. Do your laundry and run your dishwasher early in the morning, later in the evening so it’s not quite adding as much heat to your home,” said Maus.

Energy Efficiency Expert William Crane is with Crane Home Energy. He says the biggest home owner complaint he gets is, one room will not stay the same temperature as the rest of the house.

“That’s very common, because there are construction defects that happen that a lot of times people just don’t know. It’s hard to recognize and it can be hard to find what’s technically wrong that’s allowing all that heat to come in,” said William Crane, Crane Home Energy.

He says plugging leaks around doors and windows can make a big difference in your utility bill. Another common problem is dirty air filters.

“Sooner or later the filter will get full, and it can’t move enough air. When you do that, you put your system in stress and you can actually damage your heating and cooling equipment by not getting enough air flow through it,” said Crane.

Replacing your filter once a month during the summer will help prevent those issues from occurring. Empire District adds living in a heavy electronic society, we don’t think to unplug “leaking energy.”

“You know our televisions, our DVR’s and things like that. Make sure you’re leaving those unplugged when they’re not in use, that will help you save a little bit of energy, the same with home computers and things like that,” said Maus.

Some other tips, installing compact fluorescent lights, and use your ceiling fans, both are more energy efficient. Of course, dressing in cooler, more natural fabrics will keep your body temperature lower and you won’t feel the need to turn down your AC.

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