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In August 2013, Enovos Luxembourg increased its stake in the NPG energy company, taking it up to 50.98%. In doing so, the energy supplier is highlighting its desire to strengthen its presence within the renewable-energy production sector in Belgium and the Netherlands. The partnership established with developers of renewable-energy projects, such as NPG energy, intending to unlock additional added-value in becoming involved in projects at a very early development stage, is an integral part of Enovos’s investment strategy. With this acquisition of a portfolio of solar, wind, and biogas-based operational production, the Luxembourg supplier, already an active presence on the Belgian B2B market, is making a strategic investment in Belgium which at the same time enables access to the Dutch market.

This partnership is a result of the excellent cooperation that the two partners have enjoyed within the context of the Biopower Tongeren S.A. biogas project, launched in 2011. Previously, Enovos successfully developed, built up, and operated sustainable-energy production plants with a total capacity of 240 MW and an annual production volume of 380 GWh in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy.

For NPG energy, this stake is part of its growth strategy in developing its projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. Beyond this, its operational projects including 11 MW of solar energy,10 MW of wind energy, and 11.4 MW of biogas energy (including the three biogas production projects which will be operational between now and summer 2014), NPG energy has projects in development for 150 MW in different technologies within the two countries.

NPG energy is currently building three new biogas production facilities in Peer, Bocholt, and at the Port of Antwerp. Starting in 2014, NPG energy will produce 100 GWh/per annum of additional green electricity, which equates to the consumption of more than 30,000 households.

NPG energy is delighted that a company like Enovos is investing in Belgium at a time in which the energy sector is undergoing a difficult period. This signal for investment underscores the importance of attracting foreign companies to invest in the renewable-energy sector, which has enormous growth potential.

Enovos Luxembourg S.A. – Natural gas, electricity and services

As major energy supplier in Luxembourg, Enovos Luxembourg S.A. is also present on the German, French and Belgian energy market. Its mission consists of generating electricity, natural gas and renewable energy for industries, SMB’s, distributors and private households and in delivering it to them.

In addition to its traditional core business, the company is expanding its activities mostly in the field of renewable energy.

Enovos Luxembourg S.A. is 100% owned by Enovos International S.A., a holding company with its headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which acts as an umbrella also for the management of the grid operator, Creos Luxembourg S.A.

Expressed in numbers, the Enovos Group currently consists of more than 1,300 employees, more than 300,000 points of delivery (electricity and natural gas), more than 9,000 km of electric lines and more than 3,600 km of gas pipelines.

25.44% of Enovos International S.A. belongs to the main shareholder, the Luxembourg State, 10.01% belongs to the state-owned investment bank SNCI and 8.00% belongs to the City of Luxembourg. AXA Private Equity owns 23.48%, RWE owns 18.36%, E.ON has 10.00% and GDF Suez holds 4.71%.

For more information, please visit: enovos.eu

Contact persons

Contact person regarding this issue:

Daniel Christnach, Head of Renewable Energies Cogeneration, Enovos Luxembourg S.A., T +352-2737-6201, daniel.christnach@enovos.eu

Sales contact in Belgium (natural gas and electricity):

Enovos Luxembourg S.A., T +32(0)24-00-14-92, salesbelgium@enovos.eu 

Press contact:

Danny Manso, Head of Corporate Communication, Enovos Luxembourg S.A., T +352-2737-6624, communication@enovos.eu

NPG energy S.A.


NPG energy is a company which is active in the renewable-energy sector: it develops, funds, and operates production units which are a balanced mix of proven technologies and primary-energy sources such as biomass, cogeneration, wind power, and solar power.

The geographical coverage of NPG energy’s operations extends across Belgium with 10 operational facilities (5 solar, 1 wind farm, 1 biogas) recording an installed capacity of 25 MW, and since 2011 the Netherlands with projects currently being developed.

The company was founded in 2008 and is managed by André Jurres and Jacques Adam, managers who have been specialising in the energy sector since it was deregulated.



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