EU grants for green groups push up your energy bills : Families fund lobbyists …

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  • Britain has given £8.6million to environmental groups since 1997
  • Campaigners are pushing for new regulations that could lead to higher energy bills
  • Critics say the handouts result in families paying twice- once for the grants and again in higher costs

Nick Mcdermott, Science Reporter

18:51 EST, 4 July 2013


02:44 EST, 5 July 2013

Critics say the handouts could result in families paying twice - once for the grants and again in higher energy bills

Critics say the handouts could result in families paying twice – once for the grants and again in higher energy bills

British families are unknowingly providing millions of pounds to green lobbyists who campaign for higher taxes on energy bills.

Since 1997, £86 million has been handed to climate change and environmental groups by the EU, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

It claims Britain’s share of funding for organisations including Friends of the Earth, WWF, and Climate Action Network stands at £8.6 million during that period.

The TPA says many of these taxpayer-funded lobbyists campaign for new regulations that could lead to higher household energy bills.

The report found that 25 European-based groups have received in excess of 1m euros (£860,000) of public funds in a 15-year period.

Matthew Sinclair, Director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said the handouts result in families paying twice – once for the grants and again in higher energy bills.

‘Many of the environmentalist groups funded with European Commission grants do not appear to be the sort to get their hands dirty looking after endangered plants and animals,’ he said.

‘Instead the bureaucrats in Brussels are spending our money to fund their own lobbyists, to create artificial pressure for ever more onerous regulations that hurt British business and add to families’ bills.

‘Taxpayer subsidies for radical environmentalists need to end. Politicians should be looking to put in place a more affordable energy policy rather than caving in to demands from their sock puppets for ever more onerous taxes and regulations.’

One group, the European Environmental Bureau, has received £10 million in public funding, the TPA claim. During this time, they have attacked the development of shale gas – which has the potential to reduce power bills – and pushed for tougher climate targets that could see energy charges increase.

Yesterday, the TPA launched a campaign to persuade ministers to ‘stop the energy swindle’ as households struggle with record charges.

By the end of the decade punitive green taxes will help inflate the average family energy bill by 29 per cent to £1,900, a study by the organisation found.

It concluded that green charges and VAT will make up one third of energy bills – a staggering £620 per household.

In today’s report, the TPA said that ‘taxpayer funded lobbying and political campaigning does not represent any independent economic or popular interest’.

Tory MP Dominic Raab said the practice was hurting low and middle income households and inists it won't make our environment cleaner

Tory MP Dominic Raab said the practice was hurting low and middle income households and inists it won’t make our environment cleaner

It found examples of groups campaigning for policy goals, such as regulations to reduce greenhouse gases, that would result in an increased tax burden on already struggling families.

Tory MP Dominic Raab said: ‘The green gravy train is the next big lobbying scandal. British taxpayers are coughing up millions to Brussels, which funds environmental groups to lobby national governments for pet regulation including subsidies that help keep our energy bills so high.

‘It is ludicrous boondoggle that won’t make our environment cleaner, and hurts low and middle income households.’

Ruth Porter, Communications Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: ‘It’s outrageous that the EU funds any political lobbying at all. But what is so offensive about this example is that it is lobbying for policy that will push up energy prices at a time when many families in the UK are struggling with rising living costs.

The TaxPayers' Alliance say by the end of the decade green taxes will help inflate the average family energy bill by 29 per cent to £1,900

The TaxPayers’ Alliance say by the end of the decade green taxes will help inflate the average family energy bill by 29 per cent to £1,900

The UK government must do more to ensure that British taxpayers aren’t funding organisations to campaign for policies that they don’t support and that aren’t in their best interests.’ 

A spokesman for Friends of the Earth saidL: ‘We rely on the support of individuals and charitable trusts for over 95 per cent of our income and receives less than one per cent from the EU.

‘Friends of the Earth Europe also receives EU funding for its important campaigns that help to protect people and wildlife.

‘Our campaigning work focuses on safeguarding the long-term future of our environment – failure to do so will have a devastating impact on people and the economy.’

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“Scientists have been saying since the 1980′s man-made climate change is real, and unless we reduce atmospheric pollution substantially, we are going to have real problems. I think we have real problems now and what is depressing is the nonsense spouted by politicians and economists with little or no scientific training or understanding – these are the people on the gravy train! But please; do your own research. You have the internet and there’s plenty of informed debate out there.
- dangermouse , Cheddar, 05/7/2013 11:52″
Yes and 2 years before that there was going to be a new ice age…


05/7/2013 14:55

The Green movement is foremost amongst the band of Euro-quislings who seek to hold our energy security hostage through opposing use of fossil fuels and nuclear power whilst pushing the farce of wind power.

Marcus Publius

Hemel Hempstead,
05/7/2013 14:52

Roll on UKIP and let’s get rid of the idiots, Clegg, Cameron and Milliband. Three selfish people who are looking after their own interests. We are all in it together, aren’t you Dave.

Bill Cody

London, United Kingdom,
05/7/2013 14:26

Climate change, yep it came today in Manchester

Sun out, clear sky and I’m lovin’ it !


Manchester, UK,
05/7/2013 14:03

It’s the way the EU works, so no surprise here.


Cheshire, United Kingdom,
05/7/2013 13:43

Meanwhile this government is falling over itself to give international aid to countries who get their energy as cheaply as possible and don’t give a fig for ‘green’ energy policies. They must think we are so stupid as more and more of our jobs are given to them too!


05/7/2013 12:55

and 49.34 billion euro’s of taxpayers money spent over the same time period to subsidise the fossil fuel industry (that makes a lot of money from you anyway through your energy bill’s). where’s the scandal? a couple of million or a couple of thousand million? you decide.

Jo Marbella

London, United Kingdom,
05/7/2013 12:54

Under ENGLISH LAW, our involvement with the EU Has Never Been Lawful, the LibLabConspirators who have worked tirelessly AGAINST The British People, to achieve this Treasonable Result, need to be Arrested and Charged in Accordance with our Rights and Laws !


05/7/2013 12:40

What about “standing charges” ? Surely, billing you for something you have not received is extortion and illegal? What is the EU doing about this? Oh sorry, it is European companies that are doing this to us, so it must be acceptable.


Ammanford, United Kingdom,
05/7/2013 12:37

Most British people appear quite stupid, they can’t see what is happening and won’t until it¿s too late for them to do anything other than pay up! The Green energy scam is the biggest transfer of wealth from the poorer sections of our economy to the rich in modern times, MP have their noses in the trough Gummer, Yeo, Lord Oakshott, Huhne and many more.
The Indians, Russians, Chinese, USA are just laughing at us trying to save the world from climate disaster; alone! Just like Brown saved the world with the bank bailouts.
Our real jobs will be transferred abroad to lower energy cost countries, our wealth as a nation will diminish, the greens will have won and the rest of us will have lost, THE GREEN DEAL?
It¿s time the public woke up to the lobbying by Friends of the Earth, WWF, The green Party etc, why do our politicians listen to these groups, they do not represent the majority of British people. We deliver our vote once every 5 years then they don’t listen anymore, we are stupid.

Mike Shillito

05/7/2013 12:17

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