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OL Energy has issued a set of energy saving tips for Namibians.  

Bernd Walbaum, managing director of OL Energy said that, “not only have we been requested by NamPower to save energy, but saving is something we need to be aware of and start practicing as the norm and not the exception.” Walbaum said that saving energy will ensure that we have a constant supply of energy, while at the same time saving money. “Remember that saving requires both change of behaviour and equipment,” he said.  

Try to be aware of unnecessary lights left on, and appliances left plugged in or on standby. You can save energy just by being careful how you use your kitchen and laundry appliances. Set your washing machine to wash at 30°C rather than higher temperatures. 

Air-dry your laundry rather than tumble drying it. Use a bowl to wash up rather than leaving the hot tap running. Don’t fill your kettle right up every time but rather just boil the volume of water you need.

Fit a water-efficient shower head and reduce your hot water usage whilst still maintaining the sensation of a powerful shower. Use less hot water everywhere. 

Whatever the age of your boiler, the right controls will let you set your hot water to come on and off when you need them, and turn your geyser temperature down to 50 or 60 degrees Celsius. Measure and monitor your home electricity consumption and costs. Educate everyone in the home, including children and domestic helpers.

A geyser ‘blanket’ maximises heat retention. Also insulate the water pipes leading from the geyser. Greater savings with renewable technology is also worth exploring. Install a solar water heater. 

It typically saves about two thirds of water heating cost, but this varies and it should be installed with a timer for the best possible saving. Install a heat pump as an alternative, if a solar water heater is not possible. Heat pumps can also achieve savings, but always need electricity. With rising electricity tariffs, an investment in solar power systems with or without batteries becomes more and more feasible and affordable.

Replace all your old-fashioned light bulbs with low-energy LED or CFL bulbs. Reduce pool pump operating hours. In summer only cool occupied rooms and set temperatures not lower than 18-20 degrees Celsius. 

Play energy-saving games with your kids. Get them to spot the areas in the home where energy is being wasted and where lights, switches or appliances have been left on.

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