Fairwood to make India global hub for green energy solutions

November 17, 2013 by  
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Fairwood Smart Green, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore-headquartered Fairwood Smart Green Global, has lined up plans to eventually turn the Indian operation into global production hub for hardware and software for hi-tech automation products and solutions for renewable and infrastructure projects across the world. Singapore-based Fairwood group and Slovenia-based Robotina Group are two major shareholders in the company.

With this in view, the company has already set up a large production facility at Gurgaon with a total capital outlay of Euro 1 million, which will primarily cater to India’s growing renewable power sector and eventually come up as a global sourcing hub.

“The manufacturing facility at Gurgaon will be making a range of hi-tech energy conservation devices, including the Hybrid Green Box, a stand-alone energy production and management system, which combines solar plant production, other renewable energy systems, for rural and remote locations and urban areas,” Vikas Chopra, CEO, said.

This will manufacture 5000 units of different sizes in the first year, but it has capacity of manufacturing 15000 units in the same facility, which is further expandable.

“This is just the beginning. We can either expand in the same facility or look at other locations as and when India becomes a sourcing hub for West Asia, Europe and other Asian countries,” he said.

“The company has also started working with an NGO at a far-flung village in Jhansi with the objective of empowering homes, irrigation wells, community centers and primary schools. The company has set a target of covering 200-500 villages for rural electrification across various states of India including Bihar, Orissa, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal and Northeast states. The same model will be replicated in other Asian countries as well,” he said.

“The huge potential and vast scale of the Indian market have been the two key reasons for Fairwood Smart Green to set up its production facility in India. We aim to establish India as a base for production of hardware and software for hi-tech automation products and solutions for renewable and infrastructure projects across the world. The potential for off-grid, mini-grids, and smart-grids, is enormous in rural and remote areas of India, as well as in other countries of Asia, such as Indonesia, Philippines, etc . Announcements in this regard will follow soon,” said Ranbir Saran Das, vice chairman, Fairwood Group.

Devid Palcic, CEO of Fairwood Smart Green Global, on his parts, said that the whole idea is to offer services that are responsible for overall reduction in energy and optimisation of manpower requirements, with features supporting remote management of energy, manpower, safety, security, failure detection and preventive maintenance.

“The Hybrid Green Box, for instance, is an integrated power generation system, which is easy to install and provides efficient, reliable and sustainable power supply. All products have integrated intelligence and feature full remote monitoring and management. This unique concept enable ‘green boxes’ to be integrated into smart city concept, to be included in the virtual power plants and to provide full demand side management, ensuring energy where and when most needed,” said Palcic.

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