Farmington, Simsbury Organize Solar Energy Programs

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5:59 p.m. EDT, May 29, 2014

The towns of Farmington and Simsbury have both organized programs that encourage residents to install solar energy systems.

Farmington residents can attend a presentation on Tuesday, June 3, at 7 p.m. at the Farmington Library about the costs associated with solar energy systems.

Elizabeth Dolphin, the assistant town planner in Farmington, said the event is the second solar meeting in a 20-week campaign. Residents have until October to decide whether to take part.

Assistant Town Manager Erica Robertson said one Farmington resident has already signed a contract with All Green It, a Bristol company that is the solar installer the town chose to work with during a bidding process earlier this year.

“Over 50 people came to the workshop in March,” Robertson said. “It’s a great way to promote energy savings and a way to use alternative energy-saving products.”

The neighboring Town of Simsbury has also organized a similar project. Simsbury resident Brad Mead is the town’s “solar ambassador.”

Mead has worked extensively with solar energy for much of his career and is a financial analyst. He said his home in Simsbury has 30 solar panels installed on the garage roof.

“Our job is to say we’ve done it and here’s how it works,” Mead said. “We’ll be doing house tours later on in the summer. We’re here for folks that are ready to take the leap.”

Tom Roy, the director of public works in Simsbury, said there are seven homes in Simsbury whose owners entered into contracts with C-TEC, a Simsbury company the town chose for solar installations.

Roy said residents have until the end of September to sign a contract.

“I’m sitting on a proposal now,” said Roy, a Farmington resident, “I’m 90 percent sure I’m doing it.”

Farmington is currently looking for residents who are interested in becoming a solar ambassador. Those interested should contact Robertson at 860-675-2351.

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