Filner accuser 11 steps forward; recall closes in

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SAN DIEGO — As Mayor Bob Filner undergoes a reported second day of therapy and yet another woman comes forward to accuse him of sexual harassment, the countdown may have begun for ousting the 70-year-old former Democratic congressman. But forces hoping to recall Filner may be in for a tough battle.

Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference Tuesday with another accuser — this one a nurse who claims Filner tried to get affection from her in exchange for his help in getting treatment for a wounded former Marine. She is one of more than ten women who have come forward with accusations against Filner.

The path to removing Filner became more clear this week after the failure of an effort to undermine the recall campaign.

In what was widely seen as an attempt to monkey-wrench the recall process, Democratic gay activist (and Filner community board appointee) Stampp Corbin last week announced a separate recall campaign from the one being threatened by land-use consultant Michael Pallamary. Corbin strongly denied that he was trying to muddy the waters, however, and on Friday announced that he would combine his efforts with Pallamary — who had given Filner until yesterday to resign before launching his recall campaign.

The combined recall forces have announced the effort and are raising funds but have not yet begun gathering signatures. Filner will then have until August 11 to give a 300-word written response, which recall proponents are required to publish.

Once those procedural steps are completed, recall proponents can begin collecting signatures on Aug. 18.

But even though the latest poll — taken after Filner was mocked at length by cable-TV comics Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien and “Daily Show” interim host John Oliver — shows more than three-quarters of San Diegans want the mayor to resign, the nascent recall movement is far from a sure thing.

The recall effort is poorly organized, as seen in the dueling-recall confusion — though to be fair, mutually cancelling proposals have become a recurring event under “direct democracy” in California. The effort also appears to be poorly funded, and Pallamary refuses to say how much it has raised.

Recall proponents must collect 101,597 signatures from registered city voters within a 39-day period, with a 30-day extension allowed should the petition come up short.

Recall proponents now face two big, and related, questions.

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