Five tips on saving energy during the summer

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20 May 2014

We’ve got five tips on saving energy during the hot summer months

If you live in the UK and the sun is up then it’s a rare occasion to celebrate. Not only is it barbeque season, but your heating bills should also fall by quite a bit.

We’ve put together a selection of tips on how to cut down your energy bills even further during the hot summer months.

Let us know if you have any tips of your own in the comment section below.

1.       Take advantage of cool night air

In the UK it tends to cool down significantly at night. To capture this cool air simply sleep with your windows open and then shut your windows and blinds the following morning. This will keep the cool air in your home.

2.       Have a shower not a bath

According to a study carried out by Unilever, the average eight minute shower consumes 62 litres of hot water. A typical bath will consume about 80 litres – almost 30% more! So do the environment and your utility bills a favour and have a quick shower instead of soaking in the tub. It is worth noting that some power showers can consume even more water than a bath.

3.       Don’t use your dishwasher or tumble drier to dry items

Take advantage of the summer heat to air dry your clothes and dishes. Drying clothes on a line doesn’t use up any energy and putting it up and taking it down is great exercise!

4.       Install solar panels

Solar panels are a great way to save money. The Feed-in Tariff ensures that any electricity your panels create which you don’t use is sold to the national grid. This means that not only do you cut your energy bills by using electricity from your solar panels, but you are paid for any excess. You can find out much more about solar panels with our selection of guides.

5.       Tell your friends and family

In order to make a substantial impact in terms of saving energy, the more people get involved the better.  Keep an eye out around your home and point out any behaviour that needlessly wastes energy. Does someone keep leaving the TV or video game console on? Remind them to turn gadgets off when they’re not in use. Feel free to do the same at work.

Now over to you. Do you have any tips on how to save energy during the summer?

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