Flower-Shaped Skyscraper Harnesses Wind Energy

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Indonesian energy company Pertamina’s new headquarters is a futuristic “energy beacon” that will pierce Jakarta’s skyline with a height more than double the city’s current highest building. Designed by Skidmore, Owings Mills,  the tower is shaped like the petals of a budding flower and will be able to harness the power of the wind to showcase the company’s new sustainable efforts.

The tower will represent the state-owned oil and gas company’s recently adopted model for sustainable development. Able to accommodate 20,000 employees, the headquarters will also include a performing arts and exhibition pavilion, a mosque, and a central energy plant. A solar panel-roofed “Energy Ribbon” covered walkway will connect the various spaces throughout the campus and feed power back to the central hub.


Pertamina HQ’s crowning feature is the opening at top of the tower contains a “wind funnel” to harness and convert high speed winds into energy. SOM designed the skyscraper’s curved profile to minimize solar heat gain and added exterior sun shades to help maximize the use of natural daylight. By 2020, the campus is expected to reach zero discharge, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 26 percent, and generate 25 percent of its own energy from renewable resources.


Source: Inhabitat | Images: SOM

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