Free advice for businesses looking to go green

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Phil Grabham Solar Systems 2 267x300 Free advice for businesses looking to go green

Phil Grabham

A Somerset based solar panel installation company is offering free advice to businesses looking to go green.

Companies in North Somerset can receive tips on converting to the renewable energy source from Solar Systems, who are based in Ilminster.

Phil Grabham, who is Managing Director of Solar Systems, comments: “We’re aware that many businesses are feeling under pressure at the moment to increase their income and at the same time address the growing need to become more environmentally-friendly.

“We are happy to chat to any companies that are interested in finding out more.

“More than 10% of the UK’s energy now comes from a renewable source.

“The Government has also recognised that solar power is integral to helping the country achieve its emission targets and power requirements by 2020.

“In order to reach these targets, companies need to become greener and one way of doing this is by installing solar panel systems.

“Business owners are often unaware of the savings that could be made by installing larger solar arrays and that they can be a great investment.”

The team at Solar Systems is inviting business owners who would like to find out more to give the company a call on 01823 481 329. Alternatively, it can answer queries via Twitter at

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