George Osborne says fracking and nuclear power are ‘green’ sources of energy

February 21, 2014 by  
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George Osborne today made a fresh push for fracking, claiming shale gas was “green” energy.

The Chancellor also blasted critics of nuclear power, which he said was “by definition a green source of energy generation”.

He added that the UK was going ahead with a “new generation” of  nuclear power stations.

There are fears fracking could damage the environment and contaminate water supplies.

Hydraulic fracturing - known as fracking – involves pumping water, minerals and chemicals at high pressure into rocks to reduce shale gas.

Mr Osborne said: “I am someone who believes climate change is happening, and caused by human beings. We should do all we can to prevent it and if not, mitigate it, for example, by building flood defences.

“The UK has been one of the outstanding leaders in this space – both in terms of our international global diplomacy, but also what we have done at home to create a proper market where people invest in green energy.

“So when it comes to the technology we use, let’s get the right mix. For example, there are people in the green movement who oppose the use of civil nuclear power for ideological reasons, if you like, when it is by definition a green source of energy generation.

“We are going ahead with a new generation of civil nuclear power stations. Equally with shale gas, let’s see more development of fracking in the UK and the US, as that will help reduce carbon emissions.”

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