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    When you’re trying to master a new skill sometimes it’s best to talk to someone who’s been there-done that.

    That’s the case for our novice runners Erin Mayer and Josh Thomas in this week’s Getting in Gear.

    After a morning run, Mayer and Thomas met for coffee with some of the members of the FSR (Faster. Stronger. Runner) training group. The group includes people training for everything from a 5K to the full marathon.

    They shared tips and tricks that they’ve learned over the years. The conversation was long and random, covering everything from bathroom breaks to why you shouldn’t talk about running while you’re running.

    Join their conversation by watching the attached video. Also, feel free to leave comments and questions on the Getting in Gear blog at

    10 random tips from experienced runners

    1. Set small goals for yourself. Even if it’s just “I’ll run to the next stop sign,” that’s fine. Anything that will give you tiny victories along the way.

    2. Log what you do. Write it down. Make yourself accountable. When you see your running log weeks later, it’s hard not to feel some sense of accomplishment.

    3. Don’t wear brand new shoes or clothes for race day. Make sure to wear your race day outfit a few times before race day, so you’ll know whether it will cause irritation. Same for shoes.

    4. Find out what sports drinks or energy snacks they’ll be serving on race day and consume them during training. That way your body will be used to them.

    5. When running with friends, don’t talk about running. It will make you too aware of your running. Instead talk about your favorite movie, book, or TV show. It’ll make the miles fly.

    6. Pick up your race packet the day before the race if at all possible. Get your bib and crinkle it up. (But be careful not to hurt the timing chip placed inside the bib). Crisp bibs pinned on a shirt catch the wind and slow you down.

    7. Prep your race bag and anything you’re bringing to the race the night before the run. That helps you from feeling frazzled in the morning. You can grab it and go.

    8. Try not to pass anyone the first mile. Concentrate on a slow and steady start.

    9. Accentuate the positive. When you find self-doubt and criticism creeping in as you run, stop it in its tracks. Think something positive instead. Pat yourself on the back for what you have already accomplished.

    10. And finally, use the bathroom before you run.

    Next week: A week to go before your race – how to taper effectively.

    To see Mark Knutson’s plan for Josh and Erin as they train for the half-marathon and 10K go to their blog: Getting in Gear with Josh and Erin

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