Go Green for Earth Day 2012

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Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate a day dedicated to going green, we’ve got a few tips for Patch users on how to live a life that’s good for you and the environment.

Here’s what to do if you’re…

…a bride or groom-to-be!

When deciding where to get married, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources says, “Think local.  A trip to an island might sound like fun, but taking a wedding party and family members to exotic locations will consume a lot of energy and dollars.  Missouri offers many beautiful indoor and outdoor locations for weddings, including state parks and historic sites.”

…a kid!

There are plenty of school supplies that are better for the planet. Check out soy crayons, biodegradable pens or non-toxic, acid free glue sticks, said the Missouri Recycling Association.

…a gardener!

Missouri banned tires from landfills in 1990, but thousands end up in illegal dumps. Use an old tire as a planter in your garden, suggests the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. “After very carefully cutting off one side wall on a large tire, gardeners can place the tire in their garden and fill it with soil, manure or compost. The tires retain a bit more heat to aid in growing, and when used as a raised bed they warm faster.”

…king or queen of the grill!

If you grill on charcoal, use lump brands, which are made form sustainable forest timber, says the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. If the fire needs help getting started, use a chimney lighter—not lighter fluid, which releases chemicals into the air—to get it going.

…a sweet-blooded mosquito magnet!

If you need to repel insects, use citronella candles. Bug sprays release chemicals into the air, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

…a sports fan!

Carpooling gets you to the game without wasting a lot of gas. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources also suggests using a solar or crank powered radio for tailgating so you won’t waste the car’s battery.

…a jogger, biker, runner or exerciser!

Use a reusable water bottle, suggests the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. It won’t end up in a landfill, and sometimes they’re even made from recycled plastic.

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