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Power department was rejoicing two days back, the reason being a bumper production of wind electricity of 1300 Megawatt in the state which gave a huge respite to the department which has been facing scarcity of power due to soaring demand in theses summer months. But the joy didn’t last long, power production through wind energy came down to a mere 100 mws on Thursday.

The shortfall in wind energy on Thursday deepened the power crisis faced by the state.

Insiders claim that rapid change in weather conditions in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur is the root cause of decline in wind energy production.

Speaking on the issue director of power trading, CS Chandalia said, “Wind energy production has been very low on Thursday, it has been on a continuous downfall since Tuesday.”

“Though it was 1300 mw on Tuesday, it dropped to 500 mw on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon it was merely 100 mw,” added Chandalia.

The over dependence on wind energy and precarious coal situation in the state has deepened the power crisis.

Interestingly though the state’s power condition is heavily dependent on wind energy production, there is no proper mechanism to know in advance the prospect of wind energy generation. Many times, officials in Jaipur are not aware about how much power will be generated from windmills on any given day.

A source informed that there is just one officer posted in Jaisalmer to inform about the wind energy production. Department can arrange power from thermal power plants only when they know the amount of electricity they will get from wind energy, which is not the case generally.

On Thursday, Jaipur Discom had to overdraw 195 mw of electricity as demand for power soared in the city. “There is a demand of 2284 mw of electricity in the city while the availability is 2089 mw, therefore there has been an overdraw of 195 mw,” said an official of Jaipur Discom.

Mathematics of demand and supply

Wind energy is generated in Jodhpur and Jaiselmer. Power generation depends on wind speed, which has been low in the last two days. This has forced the electricity department to overdraw power from the grid

Officials responsible for buying power from power grid in case there is slide in wind energy, comes to know about the situation only by noon, which makes their work tough

If these officers can get this information earlier, the power trading dept can buy thermal power at a much cheaper rate. When they get this info at the eleventh hour, they get power at much higher rates

However, insiders claim that rapid change in weather conditions in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur is the root cause of decline in wind energy production in Rajasthan

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