Google buys 240MW of wind power in Texas!

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Wind and sun-powered search

Over the past few years, Google has started to turn into an energy company – a renewable energy company – on top of everything else that it does. They’ve made countless investments in solar power and wind power, as well as more experimental clean energy projects. Their goal is to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Now they’ve decided to buy the whole 240-megawatt production from the Happy Hereford wind farm outside of Amarillo, Texas, as soon as Chermac Energy, the Native-American-owned company that is building it, is done with construction in late 2014. This brings Google’s total wind energy portfolio to more than 570 MW, which they say is “enough energy to power approximately 170,000 U.S. households.”

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Apple too

Google’s not the only big tech company to go big into clean energy. Another renewable-powered titan is Apple, who last Spring announced that it was running on 75% renewable energy (it could be more by now if they’ve kept investing). Check out their massive solar farm:

Via Google

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