Great Urswick wind turbine plan objections

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RESIDENTS have raised objections to a wind turbine which is proposed near their homes.

A plan for an electricity producing turbine, which would stand at 15m, and 20.3m to the blade tips, has been submitted for Woodside Farm, Weint Lane, Great Urswick.

South Lakeland District Council received the application from Nathan Welch for Kenetica Energy Ltd, which would provide the turbine.

The agent is Jennings Design Associates – Architects, on behalf of the land owners the Sawrey family.

Householders in Birkrigg Park said they are worried about the turbine being built near to their homes. The plans show the turbine would be around 400m from the houses.

Neighbours heard about the plans after seeing a notice attached on a lamppost in their community.

Kathleen Dobson, of Birkrigg Park, said: “When we close our doors at night it is quiet, peace and tranquilty prevails. But with a wind turbine whooshing and a generator running so close to this community it will disturb and annoy, leaving tired men and women to go about their work.

“Children and adults have issues with noise, with vibrations and amplitude modulation (the whooshing sound) there will be sleep deprivation, headaches, nausea, depression and other health issues.”

Mrs Dobson believes it could also set a precedent for more applications if this one were to succeed.


Mrs Dobson was said she was concerned SLDC had not sent letters to homes on the estate, but the council said homes in Birkrigg Park near to the site will be getting letters.

A meeting of Birkrigg Park Residents’ Association is to be arranged this week to discuss the plan.

The design and access statement by JDA – Architects said: “The turbine provides environmental, economic and social benefits to the property and the wider community whilst any social impacts have been minimised, through careful consideration of location, scale, design and various other site specific circumstances, which provide the special circumstances to outweigh any perceived harm to the countryside.

“Due to the recession and rising costs the family are looking for more financially viable ways to sustain the property and its surrounding areas, and are therefore looking to diversify and achieve long term stability.

“The family are also concerned about the on-going rise in cost for energy.

“The applicant wishes to use the locally abundant winds to generate electricity for domestic and agricultural use and in doing so assist in meeting the regional and national targets for increasing the proportion of energy from renewable sources.”

SLDC said the statutory period for views on the application was March 28, and that the planning committee would probably not hear the matter until April.


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These useless bits of very expensive equipment should be scrapped.

You’re lucky if they can boil a kettle and must be turned off if it’s too…er…windy!

Someone, somewhere has made an absolute fortune out of this junk.

The local people whom it concerns should dig their heels in and TELL SLDC that they do no want them and nor will these EYESORES be tolerated.

Where does it all end? We will be overrun by them soon!

Complain, complain, complain!

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21 February 2012 at 16:27

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