Green energy agenda ‘in jeopardy’

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Published on Sunday 4 March 2012 00:03

UP TO £4 billion of annual green energy subsidies could be at risk if Scotland becomes independent, Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has warned.

Moore rounded off an energy-focused second day at the Liberal Democrat Scottish Conference in Inverness by repeating concerns that the independence referendum is deterring investment.

Charles Kennedy, the former party leader, who has been appointed by Moore to be the Lib Dems’ “point man” in the pro-union campaign, told delegates that England may need to create a second Green Investment Bank if Edinburgh wins a hotly-contested bid for its UK headquarters but then subsequently becomes the capital of an independent Scotland.

In his closing speech to conference yesterday Moore said: “Across the UK we have a single energy market. “And that market is key to realising Scotland’s renewables potential. Yes, we have vast green energy resources. But we alone could not afford the level of investment needed to make good on our green ambitions.”

Moore cited a report published last year by Citigroup that warned that even the prospect of an independence referendum would deter investment in Scotland’s green future. “They warned that if Scotland were separate from the rest of the UK, green energy subsidies of up to £4 billion a year could be at risk,” Moore told the conference. “So I say that at this critical moment for the global environment our single energy market is not an option; it is a necessity.

“A necessity to meet our targets, invest in our future and combat climate change. It is a positive example of why we are stronger together and poorer apart.”

Moore also urged the SNP to “quit stalling” and hold the referendum in September 2013 instead of waiting until autumn 2014, which is the nationalists’ favoured date.

“We don’t need 1,000 days to decide this crucial question,” he said. “We can get this done in the 500 days that follow the consultations.

“In 500 days you can plan the poll, pass the law and hold the ballot.

“That is enough time for the Scottish people to hear the arguments, consider the evidence, and express their view.

“Over the past few days some of Scotland’s biggest employers have come out to highlight the impact of uncertainty and delay.

“SSE, the Weir Group, Scottish Engineering. Every one of them has made the point that the uncertainty caused by a stalled referendum will impact on business decisions.

“And business decisions impact on employment in Scotland. Delay today kills jobs tomorrow.”

The constitution featured in all speeches at the conference yesterday, with a separate intervention from former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy.

Kennedy warned of the dangers of a “tribal campaign” to save the Union, calling for Labour and its STUC allies to find common cause with the Conservatives.

Speaking yesterday Kennedy said: “One of our challenges for the cross-party campaign is to bring everybody together, and hopefully get them singing from the same hymn sheet as to what our blueprint for the future will be.”

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MM should re read The Lisbon Treaty- Sustainable Energy (1 Dec 2009) which the UK signed…..In the context of the establishment and functioning of the internal market and with regard for the need to preserve and improve the environment, [EU] Union policy on energy shall aim, in a spirit of solidarity between Member States, to:(a) ensure the functioning of the energy market; (b) ensure security of energy supply in the Union;(c) promote energy efficiency and energy saving and the development of new and renewable forms of energy; and (d) promote the interconnection of energy networks.
Note:- Scotland and renewables, with the potential of 25% of EU’s wind, 10% of EU’s wave and 25% of EU’s tidal generation will have a key part to play as part of the EU’s renewable energy ambition. Connected by a North Sea Grid to the EU.

I look forward to seeing just how many LibDem devotees turn up to hear more from OUR SECRETARY OF STATE at the major meeting of the LibDems in Inverness today. Like the Labour conference in Dundee the hordes will need to be channeled into the middle RESERVED seats to make things look good for the cameras. Any word about where the TORIES will be having their conference?

Really and truly is there one single person with a scintilla of sense, who gives a twopenny fig to anything this blustering man says? Wee Willie is bad enough but this border wind bag contributes less to the Scottish educational system than Two Douglas Firs in the nearest forest! How can such an oaf get elected?

It is the Mickey Moore Wind Array talking.

Is anybody else getting fed up with Michael Moore threatening them? We can’t use the pound, we will lose out on MOD contracts, our ship yards will close and now this. He is a complete tyrant. I absolutely cannot wait for his Portillo moment when the good people of Southern Scotland turf him out on his backside. I sincerely hope there is a BBC camera crew on hand when it happens. What a thoroughly unpleasant little man. There is nothing more distasteful than watching a man sell his soul for a wee bit of power. He has zero credibility and will do and say anything his Tory chums tell him. Snake.

The worse thing about all this is that there are people who really believe all this codswallop. I find it very sad that all some people can do is run down their own country……What I read in this article is a man who has a vested interest and that is keeping his job. Is there anyone who believes a word any Libdem says? Their list of lies is endless and grows by the day. These are the same people who would sell their granny for a seat at the so called top table.
If the Libdems want to serve Scotland and save money perhaps Danny Alexander should stop parking his car at Inverness airport then claiming expenses for so doing. Now that would be a start, a small start until he loses his seat.
The problem with comments on here is that to many are posted by party activists from all parties and they are so easy to spot.

MM said “Across the UK we have a single energy market.” etc MM should have said it is EU policy that there will be a single energy market across the EU (including the UK) and that EU market is also key to realising Scotland’s renewables potential.

That’s the first POSITIVE argument I’ve heard FOR voting YES in the referendum. Just think, no more environmental vandalism in an industrial scale.

# 17 Wardog ……………………. I know its a stupid question, but have you SNP guys not thought about the idea that if the rUK will pay premium for RE from Scotland then it must also pay one for energy from France? That will add billions to rUK energy prices, as domestic consumer bills. Would any political party stand on that basis, particularly after all the insults Alec.S throws at Westminster MPs and the UK governments, modern and outrageously historical. The SNP must put together a plan for government separate from the UK. Come on guys pull your thumb out and do some work.

11. You really are incredibly thick.

Yes, the Scottish and and UK renewables policy is a shambles of uselessness and irrrelevance on both sides of the border.

Once again we it’s one of the big three – this time we are too poor to be independent.

By the way cheap nuclear power is an oxymoron. People have short memories Nuclear Power in this country went bust and had to be taken back over by the government who then gave the stations to EDF.

He has absolutely no idea. It’s also worth pointing out the uncertainty created for Investment decisions in both renewables and the oil industry are caused by Westmidden not the referendum.

Your view


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